Custom Entertainment Center

Custom Entertainment Center

More people than ever are purchasing entertainment centers in their homes. They are typically placed in the biggest room of the home which in most cases is the living room. With all the fancy flat screen televisions, video game consoles, and other electronic equipment out these days, people are spending a lot of time around their entertainment centers. However, the entertainment centers that are sold in stores are predesigned and usually not equipped to handle all the electronic devices that you’ll want to include in it. Not only that, the material they’re made from tends to be quite flimsy and cheaply made.

To give your living room the ultimate entertainment center that will last a long time and have everything that you want, you need one that is completely customized in accordance to your preferences and liking. A company like Custom Artisan Cabinetry will build you an entire entertainment center from scratch based on the specifications that you give them. If you need help figuring out the right size and shape of your entertainment center, you can make an appointment to have one of their expert designers come to your home and evaluate the room where it is going to go. They will determine which dimensions are appropriate.

Professional artisans like this do not use cheap materials either. All the wood they use to design the entertainment center comes from either Europe or the United States. Each type of wood has its own unique texture and color. You can view these textures and colors at the company’s showroom. After you have chosen your wood and it has been cut and shaped appropriately, it is then finished and constructed into the entertainment center that you so desire. It can have as many shelves and drawers as you want. There is no limit to what can be done with a customization job like this.

Sometimes people with high ceilings or very wide rooms need to have a customized entertainment center because it is the only way to fill up their entire wall space. The entertainment centers sold in stores are not built to accommodate unique heights and widths. So, if you want an entertainment center somewhere original, like in a bedroom, then a customized one would be your only choice.

When you finish getting your custom entertainment center constructed and installed, set up all your electronics on it and invite your friends and family members over to see your new creation. They are guaranteed to be mesmerized because it will be an entertainment center that cannot be seen anywhere else.

high-end bedroom unit

Create a Custom Bedroom Unit for Profit

Are you planning to renovate your house before you sell it? You will be surprised to know that a lot of people are refurbishing their house in order to boost its market value. Based on the report of Westpac Renovation, enhancing the style and upgrading the comfort level of your home are the basic reasons why people choose to renovate their houses. The average US homeowners will spend at least $60,000 for their renovation project. In this article, we will walk you through the process of creating high-end bedroom unit.

Transform Your Bedroom to a High-End Bedroom Unit to Increase its Market Value

The look of your bedroom can easily be updated. By introducing new paints, blinds, and carpets, your bedroom in Boca Raton will have a new appearance. However, if you are planning to rake a huge profit, you need to be prepared for some extensive change and transform it to a high-end bedroom unit.


The first thing that the prospected buyer will notice will be your floorings. There are numerous options when it comes to flooring materials. Concrete floors offer you the versatility. It is available in a huge selection of etchings, stains, and stamps. It is the perfect choice for that urban look. It is also scratch proof and durable. Installation of concrete flooring is crucial. It can either decrease or increase the value of your home. Here are your other options when creating a Custom Bedroom Unit.

  • Hardwood-Hardwood flooring gives that warm, elegant and classic look. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, it also provides an amazing insulation. However, it also requires proper maintenance and care.
  • Wood Laminate-This will transform your room in a high-end bedroom unit but without the same cost as the hardwood floorings. You can acquire a variegated, sophisticated look that will give your room a mid-century ambiance.
  • Vinyl Tile- It’s cheap and tacky. This flooring option will give your custom bed room unit an outdated appeal.
  • Ceramic Tile- This material is available in a wide range of finishes, shapes, and sizes. You will often see this in the high-end bedroom unit.

Upgrading the Hardware

Another way to transform your bedroom into a high-end bedroom unit is to upgrade your hardware. Avoid using the default type of nightstand and dresser. You should also think about having a built-in wardrobe. In case your space is too tight, some mirrored walls will give your room a spacious look. This will not only appeal to your prospected buyers in Boca Raton but will also help you maximize the amount of generated profit.

The Lighting Fixture

In case you are still using the boob light, it’s time to let it go. An alluring chandelier or statement light fixture is the best way to create a high-end bedroom unit. The right lighting fixture will add the romance and drama on your bedroom.

For those who are planning to renovate their bedroom and increase its market value, you can seek the help of the professionals in Boca Raton such as Custom Artisan Cabinetry. They can successfully transform your boring bedroom to a high-end bedroom unit.

High End Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Excellent Customized Cabinetry Designs That Match Your House Interior

Customizing your house interiors not only enhances the elegance of your home but it also makes it look typical and outstanding. You can buy and install the most expensive cabinets, but if they are not creatively designed, they will not add any value to the attractiveness of your home interiors. Custom Artisan Cabinetry is a dedicated team of professionals that have the knowledge, tools, and experience to analyze your home or place and come up with the best cabinetry design that will match your intended zone. Whether it is an office, bar, bathrooms or kitchen that you would like the cabinetry work to be done, the team is always ready to offer you typical and outstanding cabinetry work.

We Combine Materials Creatively to Create an Outstanding Cabinetry

We handle high-value projects which mean most of the materials we use in making the cabinetry are precious and expensive. As an experienced company, we ensure that every piece we keep is meant to offer a spectacular look to your place. If you have materials like bronze, Gold or silver that you would like us to incorporate to your place where the cabinetry is being installed, we do so creatively so that the cabinetry yields a compelling look. We plan everything on a paper and software system before we initiate any intervention and our three dimension pictures will make the client decide whether the cabinetry is satisfactory or not.

Your Own Ideas Brought Into Reality

Even though we are professionals, the cabinetry is meant for you, and it should satisfy you. We listen to you carefully and ensure that we build something that is compelling and of high-quality. For many years, we have been offering the High End Custom Kitchen Cabinetry which people have acknowledged to be of world-class standards. Even when you want your bathroom to be a center of comfort, we can install the best cabinetry that will make it look so amazing. We do everything onsite such that whatever you need will be added and whatever you don’t want will be removed to make the cabinetry meet your needs.

Customization With Respect to Architectural Features

As we install the High End Custom Kitchen Cabinetry or bathroom cabinetry, we ensure that there is no violation or breech of your building’s architectural components. Your walls will remain intact, and your house foundation will also remain intact, no holes will be drilled, or any kind of impairment and you will still get the best cabinetry in place. Our work is to ensure that you have an excellent cabinetry that will not only improve the storage aspect of your place but will also enhance the attractiveness of the place.

To conclude, you can give us a call any time you need the work done for you. We have always been providing the best works to many people. Whether it is a new house or you want your old cabinetry to be replaced, you can give us a call, and we will be there to offer you the best services.

custom build home bars

Custom-Built Home Bars: Unparalleled Luxury and Style

High-quality materials, eclectic design and unique aesthetics, these are the elements that define Custom Artisan Cabinetry. Boasting over three decades of experience in fully customized cabinetry, this is just the place to turn to for magnificent and creative masterpieces of art. As you will come to realize, sky is the limit!

Quality Matters

When it comes to Custom-Built Home Bars in Boca Raton, Custom Artisan Cabinetry definitely sets the bar sky high. This is a family run business, where exceptional craftsmanship has been passed on to the new generation, and the outcome is purely amazing.

Using only the finest quality standards in manufacturing fully custom-built cabinetry, each piece of work is a true gem to cherish. With attention to the slightest detail, wood is carved to the ideal shape that combines functionality, timeless beauty and elegance.

Every piece of cabinetry is unique, especially designed to meet the criteria of even the most discerning customer. Sophisticated taste, classic decoration and a whole new world of options, as per your desire! Sturdy manufacturing, flawless materials, and spectacular chromatic combinations – all these compose the ideal home bar or any other piece of furniture.

Stellar Service

Taking into consideration the specific spaces, the décor and architecture, as well as the preferences of the customer, the professionals design everything carefully. The pristine Custom-Built Home Bars highlight the dedication and hard work of the experts. Immaculate lines, in perfect harmony with the surroundings and yet with a distinctive style adding to the character of each space!

From the moment you place your order and discuss your perspective of the cabinetry till the final installation and beyond, Custom Artisan Cabinetry is right there for you. After sales service complements the whole manufacturing process in the best manner possible. This is the core essence of building long-lasting relationships with each customer, based on mutual trust and respect.

Transform Your Private Retreat

Have you been trying to find a way for your personal private sanctuary to stand out? If you are searching for exquisite Custom-Built Home Bars in Boca Raton, look no further. Just visualize the custom cabinetry and contact the pros. They will guide you through the whole process and even suggest the most suitable solutions for absolute alignment with the surroundings.

Why Settle for Anything Less?

Your furniture reflects who you are. Would you rather buy something ordinary lacking personality and original creativity? Why settle for something mediocre and uninspired, when you can experience genuine luxury, comfort, and functionality?

At Custom Artisan Cabinetry, you are at the pinnacle of quality and refinement. Each piece of cabinetry reveals endless hours of care and attentiveness. A true artistic masterpiece will add a special touch of extravaganza, supremacy, and coziness. Feel the intimacy of fine wood, carved to perfection so as to make your dreams come true.

Custom Home Offices

Custom Home Offices and Home Office Cabinetry in Boca Raton

Polished hardwood surfaces on an elegant desk with a spacious cabinet calms the mind and improves productivity. At CAC we create the ultimate home office cabinetry Boca Raton residents appreciate and adore. If you are looking for luxury and class, welcome to the best saw and hammer wielders in the state. We understand that you appreciate quality and we will not disappoint. Our exceptional tested custom home office designs are some of best you will find in the market.

A hardworking person needs only the high-end to deliver more. CAC artisans provide flawless creations after carefully analyzing the available space, personal preferences and the atmosphere you want. Should you wish for an official home office that speaks power, or a humble abode, CAC artisans will make, the furniture speak.

CAC Designers ensure that your vision gets conceptualized. Additionally, they suggest more creative ideas for your home office cabinetry Boca Raton or anyplace in South Florida. CAC is friendly, and all your thoughts are featured in the final product. That is something hard to come by when purchasing office equipment in a store. You have no control over the appearance, quality, and features of the office equipment. Some might not even fit your home space.

Create Lasting Impressions through a Custom Home Office

Advancements in technology mean that more people can work remotely and run empires right from their homes. A minute desk overwhelmed by stacks of receipts, scanned copies, files, spilled coffee and more mess is not an ideal image. A custom home office allows you to create the right impression to visiting clients and friends. Immaculate spaces also command respect, generate professionalism and trust. For business people going it alone against Corporate America; our team of artisans and designers will deliver.

A custom office can help you sprout more business ideas. If you decide to quit work to start a business, a readymade office takes the worry away. You will have a place to make calls, think, write, meditate, store, and organize.

Unique Design Process

Creating super high-end products follows a simple design process tested and perfected our artisans. What seems like a complicated undertaking is broken down into three steps:

  1. Secure an appointment to come to the showroom. You can invite the designer straight to your house; select the most convenient method.
  1. All consultations are FREE. You specify your needs and preferences for the space. The designer can recommend the best solution while incorporating your ideas. That helps us build the most custom home office.
  1. After the consultation, an appointment in our offices will take around 30 minutes to an hour. You receive an accurate, fair quote on how much your project will cost.

We can deliver quality solutions because we have done it for years and years. Rest assured of proper service. Your office equipment is delivered and installed with no damage to the home. Call us for a custom office or home office cabinetry Boca Raton.

custom home entertainment center

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Custom Home Entertainment Center

The television set is the centerpiece of entertainment in most homes in Boca Raton. Families love to gather in the living room to watch sporting events, movies, or TV shows. Kids and their friends will play video games the whole day during weekends. A custom home entertainment center is something that you should have to improve the aesthetic value of the space, and at the same time ensure everything is organized.

If you love the design of your home, you should consider a getting a professional home entertainment center Boca Raton maker create one for you. You should not settle for a home entertainment center found in the store. Below are some of the reasons why you should opt for a personalized home entertainment center.

Solves All Design Problems

Living rooms come in different dimensions. That’s why there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to home entertainment centers. Aside from the dimensions of the room, you should also consider its design.

It is hard to find a pre-made entertainment center that goes with the overall design of the room. You will just be wasting time and effort. To save you the trouble, consider getting a custom home entertainment center. The manufacturer can come up with the design that will complement the whole room. That’s why it makes more sense to have a custom-built center instead of making a pre-made entertainment center fit with the existing design of the room.

More Storage Space

A customized home entertainment center can accommodate all the DVDs, video games, books, and other items that you want to store in the room. It can help you organize the various multimedia players, game consoles, cable boxes, and other stuff that you normally see in the room. This will make clean and clutter-free.

Fits like a Glove

A custom home entertainment center solves your spacing problems. While you can easily find a pre-made media center that can hold your TV and other entertainment stuff, it might look out of place.

Pre-made furniture can be too big or too small for the room. There are media centers that take up a lot of space in the room that there is no more space for other things. You can solve your spacing problems by having one custom-made for your living room. Not only will it hold all the media appliances, you also maximize the space available in the room.

Custom Features

The best thing about custom cabinetry is that you can choose the features. You can choose to hide the TV set when not in use. You can even choose to have a mini fridge built into the custom home entertainment center. That way you don’t need to go to the kitchen when your guests want some refreshments.

The custom home entertainment center is the practical solution for spacing, function, design, and storage purposes. If you are in Boca Raton, contact Custom Artisan Cabinetry. They have more than 30 years of experience making personalized cabinetry for homes in the area.