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At Custom Artisan Cabinetry, we pride ourselves on quality service to meet your desired needs satisfactorily. We are built upon a tradition of high standards and quality work with a reliable team of designers, craftsmen, finishers, and installers with a quality experience to make your home or place of work beautiful. 

Custom cabinetry requires precision and artistry. We are passionate about creating good customer relations and work towards delivering the highest quality standards on our furniture. Our goal of impeccable services is to fulfill your furniture desires and make your design dream come true.

Our craft is where fine quality meets personal service. We have professionals who can help you consolidate your ideas into simple processes to perfectly fit your taste and preferences. They allow you to picture your thoughts and visualize your furniture goals depending on your space and what you want.  

Services Offered at Custom Artisan Cabinetry 

We are a furniture maker in South Florida who offers a wide range of cabinetry services according to your taste, preference, and design to transform available space with elegant furniture to meet our client’s expectations and needs through designing, construction, and installation. Let’s have a look at our services.

1. Entertainment Centers 

A custom-made entertainment center is the focal point of your residence. With custom cabinets, your space is crafted into a complementary design to give you a sense of recreation to keep your boredom at bay. At Custom Artisan Cabinetry, we offer you the perfect furniture to fulfill your needs and create satisfaction. 

Our pieces are custom-built to give a combination of favorite integrated designs, from your preferred measurements to various shelving options and patterns. It makes your entertainment center elegant and uniquely crafted to your desired features.

Also, an entertainment center brings your family together to create long-lasting memories through playing games, listening to music, and watching movies. You can also invite friends to your space and treat them to an enjoyable party in your custom-made entertainment center.

For an elegant look, examine your space to identify where you would like your unit installed and establish a seating area for the best view. Your lighting should be an illumination of artwork with modified accessories. Also, hire a certified electrical company to help you integrate the HD and streaming formats to avoid complexity.  

2. Home Office Cabinetry

Your home office should be spacious and peaceful to calm your mind and improve productivity. Our talented designers at CAC, are available to ensure your space offers the desired comfort, style, and functionality. 

We consider your needs in design, lighting, and finishes that are unique and exquisite. Our custom-made cabinets not only meet your precise needs but also refine your style and decor. You can hold in-house office meetings and conferences with confidence and professionalism in your home. 

3. Custom-built Home Bars

Custom Artisan Cabinetry offers you a defined quality-built, artisan-crafted, custom-designed home bar with a complementing beauty that makes your space eye-catching and entertaining. We consider your needs to fit your taste and create fun in your home.

We offer an excellent design with perfect lighting and high-quality finishes with every piece of our products and craftsmanship. Our team ensures that your home bar is the center of attention that is practical and spectacular. 

With a custom bar from CAC, you can be confident enough to invite your friends over for a toast and have fun and entertainment. Such custom-made bar will be appealing to your guests while they sip their favorite wine or beer. 

4. Custom Bedroom Units 

A bedroom should be your haven for peace and unwinding. It should have soothing interiors to offer you calmness and the rest needed. The space should be ideal and custom-designed to fit your taste, style, and comfort. 

The professional artisans at CAC are available to ensure that every piece of your custom-made bedroom cabinets offers a sense of belonging. They transform your room into a great relaxing and comfortable environment. 

They also help you choose the right design, which is exquisite and functional. It has perfect light displays and unique finishes, such as natural mahogany or a painted white satin finish. The custom cabinets are spacious to ensure all items fit nicely to produce a tidy and neatly arranged room. 

5. High-end Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry

Kitchens are the heart of every home and should bring the beauty and joy desired. Also, bathrooms should be luxurious and spectacular spaces to allow you to refresh and energize. 

CAC designers ensure that your kitchen and bathrooms are a perfect blend of functionality, cleanliness, vibrance, and luxury.

Custom kitchen cabinetry

Each unit is uniquely handcrafted to make your home beautiful, inviting, and elegant. We do not source any pieces of our products but build everything to allow you to utilize every inch of your space with our high-end cabinetry. That makes us exceptional from other companies because we do not standardize our furniture.

Let your guests feel at ease and refreshed when they visit your washrooms. Give them a sense of belonging to enjoy the taste of your accessorized custom cabinets.  

Why Should You Choose Custom Artisan Cabinetry?

We are a family-owned business with credits of growth and experience in delivering quality to our customers from conception to completion. Our team is reliable and committed to providing the best customer service and expertise by being considerate, timely, neat, and professional. 

Our family business creates a specialty of furniture that you can only dream of and we build it right in your home to fit your style and budget. Your choice of wood species, styles, and finishes is unlimited from our various range of products to custom-fit different designs.  

We pride in quality products and services and maintain high standards of design and craftsmanship through:

  • Top-quality hardware 
  • Designing and manufacturing everything in house
  • Using state of the art machinery
  • Quality raw materials 

Get a Free Consultation 

You can never go wrong with custom cabinets from CAC. For any services and upgrades around South Florida, with refined interior design, furnishing, and impeccable architecture for a luxurious lifestyle, visit our showrooms or make appointments and interact with our experts. We have several ideas to share with you. 

Our professionalism, services, and distribution have been recognized and complemented through sales from different individuals. We accept credit cards as our payment mode, and our operations are from Monday to Friday. 

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