Custom Bedroom Unit

Custom Bedroom Unit in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The bedroom is a place where you spend one-third of your day. You might even spend more than one-third if you work and sleep in your bedroom. Because of how special the bedroom can be to you, why not customize it to reflect your personality and traits?

There are lots of ways you can personalize your bedroom unit and make it reflect who you are and what you are about. It is more than merely a location for your bed. It can be a place where you read, talk to your partner, relax and watch television. That is why you should make it a comfortable environment for yourself.

What makes the perfect custom bedroom unit in Fort Lauderdale, FL? Let’s review the top three attributes below.

White bedroom colors are too boring and bland. Adding color to the walls will reflect your personality perfectly. That is why girls have pink bedroom walls and boys have blue bedroom walls.

But if you’re an adult, you can get a little more creative and mix different colors if you want. Try some blue and green walls or red and orange walls. Make it look fun or creative.

Do you want shelves sticking out from your bedroom walls or inside of closed cabinets for storage purposes? Open shelves are suitable if you want to showcase picture frames, antiques or other items. Closed cabinets are better for storing items you don’t want to showcase, such as clothes, shoes, and personal accessories.

Let’s not forget the lighting of your bedroom unit. Light creates the ambiance of the bedroom. It has the ability to change your mood and make you feel more relaxed. Choose where you want your lighting to be installed and how bright you want the lights to be in your bedroom.

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Custom Home Bar in Fort Lauderdale

Have you always dream of having your own custom home bar in Fort Lauderdale? You could turn virtually any room in your home into a custom bar. All you need is the right artisan crafters who have the experience and skills to make it happen.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry has a team of professional artisans who can handcraft your home bar from start to finish. The size of your existing space does not matter. We can work with any size space and turn it into an entertaining and fun addition to your home.

During your consultation with our team, you’ll have the opportunity to specify which specific features you want your custom bar to have in it. You can recommend custom features that pertain to the bar’s design, lighting, and finishes. It is totally up to you.

Imagine having a bar for your house guests. You no longer have to meet your friends and coworkers at some public bar with crowds of people. Instead, you can bring them back home and enjoy a drink in the comfort of your own home.

A lot of people like to position their custom home bar right next to the entertainment center in their living room. That way, they can enjoy a good drink while watching sports or their favorite move on television. There are so many different ways you can make your custom bar original.

Some things for you to consider about your custom home bar in Fort Lauderdale might include its type of material, finishing, number of shelves, type of seating, number of mirrors, and so on. Everyone’s custom bar will come out differently.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry had made custom home bars in Fort Lauderdale for over a decade. They are the go-to company for any home project that requires original artisan craftsmanship and design.

Room Layout Ideas for a Custom Entertainment Center in Fort Lauderdale

Most people do not focus on the layouts of their rooms. They’ll just arrange their desks, furniture and electronics in any random place that looks good. But if you don’t have a symmetrical room layout, then you’ll never make efficient use of your available space. It is incredible how a little bit of rearranging and reorganization can make a room feel much larger.

Are you looking to boost the efficiency of your living room or any other room in your home? If so, then we’ve got at least three layout ideas that you might want to consider for your rooms.

1) Custom Entertainment Center: How would you like to have a custom entertainment center in Fort Lauderdale? A custom entertainment center is a great way to add all your favorite electronics into one room without overcrowding it. A well-designed entertainment center could include your flatscreen television, video game consoles, and DVDs without taking up much space at all. You must have a team of professional artisans who can create the right layout for your entertainment center.

2) Keep Distance Between Drawers and Furniture: Drawers and furniture take up so much space in a room. You can declutter any room by keeping your drawers and furniture as far apart from each other as possible. In fact, you could try using only one good piece of furniture and one good drawer in each room. That would free up so much extra space.

3) Maintain a Balanced Room: Do not stuff too many objects or furniture pieces toward one area of the room. This also applies to your entertainment center. Don’t have an entertainment center that consumes one space in your room. Our artisans can create an entertainment center that is spread throughout the room. Perhaps you could have a television on one wall and speakers on the other walls. The more you spread out the objects in your room, the better the balance will be in it.

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Entertainment Center

High-End Entertainment Centers in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is an exciting city in Florida. It is where all the action happens, such as Spring break events and bodybuilding contests. In this entertainment capital of Florida, it makes sense to want the best entertainment center for your home.

The ideal entertainment center is a work of art. It is made from the finest solid wood materials and contains a decorative and colorful finish. Furthermore, it has space which allows you to fit a widescreen television, DVD players, video game consoles and whatever other electronics and entertainment devices you use.

Your family will spend a lot of time utilizing the electronics of your entertainment center. That is why you should have a custom entertainment center built. It should be something that speaks to them and provides beauty to the entire room. You could go with a minimalistic design with open shelves protruding out of the walls, or you can have an entire cabinet with multiple shelves and spaces.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry is experienced at creating high-end entertainment centers in Fort Lauderdale. We can create everything from elaborate to simplistic designs for your entertainment center. It will be a totally unique entertainment center that is custom designed for your particular specifications and desires.

When you contact Custom Artisan Cabinetry, we will go over those specifications and come up with viable solutions that can work best for your particular living space. It is important for an entertainment center to be a reflection of the interests of the family living there. The design will put great emphasis on those interests and make your entertainment options come to life in the room.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry uses American and European-made products only. None of our products come from China. Top-quality hardware and materials are always used to design every entertainment center that we create for our clients