Custom Home Bar in Fort Lauderdale

Have you always dream of having your own custom home bar in Fort Lauderdale? You could turn virtually any room in your home into a custom bar. All you need is the right artisan crafters who have the experience and skills to make it happen.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry has a team of professional artisans who can handcraft your home bar from start to finish. The size of your existing space does not matter. We can work with any size space and turn it into an entertaining and fun addition to your home.

During your consultation with our team, you’ll have the opportunity to specify which specific features you want your custom bar to have in it. You can recommend custom features that pertain to the bar’s design, lighting, and finishes. It is totally up to you.

Imagine having a bar for your house guests. You no longer have to meet your friends and coworkers at some public bar with crowds of people. Instead, you can bring them back home and enjoy a drink in the comfort of your own home.

A lot of people like to position their custom home bar right next to the entertainment center in their living room. That way, they can enjoy a good drink while watching sports or their favorite move on television. There are so many different ways you can make your custom bar original.

Some things for you to consider about your custom home bar in Fort Lauderdale might include its type of material, finishing, number of shelves, type of seating, number of mirrors, and so on. Everyone’s custom bar will come out differently.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry had made custom home bars in Fort Lauderdale for over a decade. They are the go-to company for any home project that requires original artisan craftsmanship and design.

Custom Home Bar

Custom Build Home Bars, West Palm Beach

Do you have a room in your home where you like to be alone or entertain guests? If so, then you need a custom-built home bar. This gives you the chance to create a personalized bar which reflects your interests, style, and taste. You can really make a unique type of bar that has never been seen before.

Custom-built home bars require a lot of emphasis on décor. Aside from the craftsmanship of the bar furniture and shelving, your bar needs to have good artwork and lighting. You can maintain a simplistic design for your bar and still make it look great too. All you need is a lot of wood furniture with the proper finishing that makes it look shiny and beautiful.

For the front of the bar, the four key features to focus on are the bar top, bar wall, bar rail, and foot rail. They can all be made from wood to give your bar a homelier feeling to it. The bar top is the area in which you place food and drinks on. It is also the area where guests can rest their arms. A solid hardwood bar top with lamination might do the trick.

In a normal bar, there is a vertical piece of wood called a bar wall. It is meant to separate the front of the bar from the back. Since you’re creating a home bar, it is really optional whether you want the bar wall. Some home bar owners like to create boundaries and set a tone for other people in their home to stay away from the back of the bar. If this sounds like you, then a bar wall might be appropriate.

The bar rail and foot rail are convenience features. Bar rails make it more comfortable for people to rest their arms on the bar top. Likewise, the foot rails make it more comfortable for them to rest their feet while they’re sitting down. Again, all these wooden features can be customized to your liking. You just need to hire the right team of artisan craftspeople to assist you.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry can custom make all the wood elements of your home bar in West Palm Beach. Just give us a call and share your ideas for the home bar with us. We are confident that we can come up with a design that you’ll like.

custom build home bars

Custom-Built Home Bars: Unparalleled Luxury and Style

Having a custom-built home bar is a staple in many homes today. We like to think its because most our customers enjoy entertaining their guest with a drink. CAC has been offering Custom Bars for our customers for many years. It’s the personal approach that makes us unique in designing cabinetry for this type of room.

We start the process by assessing the customers wants and needs. We take inventory of what needs to be stored and displayed in the bar. We take in consideration liquor, glassware, barware, appliances and anything that the customer requests. Once we have a clear understanding of our customers needs, we make suggestions and design together with the client.

Wine storage is in high demand. Our customer’s need for proper wine storage is something that we always take into consideration. We are proud to offer custom made solutions to many of our customer’s wine storage needs.

Materials to be selected for a custom bar need to have a certain level of water resistance. CAC is proud to offer high end material selections that will conform to these specifications. CAC conducts extensive testing and we are constantly incorporating new materials that will provide different textures, finishes and styles that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Crystal and glass storage is also another key feature of the bars that CAC builds. We always take in consideration the crystal storage as a critical part of crating a properly functioning bar. Lighting can be incorporated into crystal cabinets to accentuate and beautify them.