High End Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry


Luxurious, custom-made kitchens and baths bring beauty and joy to each space. Let us build you a spectacular space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Our designers make sure that your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the perfect blend of form and function, complementing a vibrant, clean, and luxurious space. Each unit is carefully handcrafted by professional artisans to make your home beautiful, inviting, comfortable, and chic.

Here at CAC we will take everything into consideration and design the perfect custom kitchen cabinetry or custom bathroom vanity that meets your precise needs. We can customize your:

  • Design. When designing your kitchen and bathrooms they should be planned with you in mind. These designs can either complement other rooms in your house or create a whole new environment on its own; all while supporting elegant form and function.
  • Lighting. We will help you choose the perfect lights for your kitchen and bathroom vanity.
  • Finishes. We can help you choose the right finish for your unit. Whether you want a natural mahogany or a painted white satin finish. Our custom-finishes help refine your style and accent your décor.

Our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are high-end compared to other companies because of the fact that we do not standardize any part of our cabinets. Everything is built from the ground up allowing you to utilize every inch of the space.

The craftsmen at Custom Artisan Cabinetry are not just cabinetmakers they are artisans. Each piece is made to fit your space, allowing us to create a kitchen or bathroom that is uniquely yours. We do not out-source any part of our product, allowing us complete control to implement your design needs and preferences. This also includes our finishes. You can be assured that finish on your custom cabinets is of the highest of quality, meeting all your expectations.

We have installers on staff to ensure that your custom cabinets are delivered to you impeccably. There are sure to leave your house in the same immaculate condition that they found it in.

Make your kitchen and bathrooms truly yours by hiring our professional artisans to build and install custom made kitchen and bathroom cabinetry just for you.

The Process

We strive to create each piece of furniture to perfectly fulfill the needs of our customers

At Custom Artisan Cabinetry the process of creating your dream custom entertainment center is simple. We have designers on staff that will help consolidate your ideas and simplify what seems like a difficult process. If you are working with an interior designer we can coordinate with them as well. The process goes:


  • Make an appointment to come to the showroom or have the designer go straight to your house; whatever is more convenient for you.
  • During this FREE consultation the designer will get a feel for the space and your needs. As he gets a better idea of your vision he will design your dream custom entertainment center
  • This initial appointment takes around 30 minutes to and hour, depending on how big your project is. By the end he will give you an estimate on how much your project will cost.

Why us:

Give us a call today at 561-361-5111

Custom Artisan Cabinetry has been family owned and operated since 1985. We credit our rapid growth to the experience we deliver to our customers, from the initial phone call through the consultation, design, and installation. Our entire staff is committed to providing the best customer experience by being on time, clean, and professional. We take pride in providing the best quality products and maintain a strict quality standard.


  • State-of-the-art machinery
  • Top quality hardware
  • Design and build everything in-house
  • All of our materials are manufactured in the United States and Europe
  • We do not use products manufactured in China


To learn more about our custom entertainment centers, we welcome you to visit our showroom, or we can make an appointment to meet with you in your home. Give us a call today at 561-361-5111. We have hundreds of entertainment center ideas to share with you!