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Rustic Style Custom Entertainment Center in West Palm Beach

Are you trying to find a suitable design style for your custom entertainment center in West Palm Beach? Why not try the rustic style?

There is a trend lately for rustic interior designs in Florida homes. People love the rural country look because it makes their homes look like a coastal cottage rather than a traditional single-family house.

A lot of people will start by focusing on their flooring and walls first. However, why not start by applying the rustic décor look to your home entertainment center? Whether you already have an entertainment center or need to build a new one, Custom Artisan Cabinetry can help you with that.

The trick to creating a rustic entertainment center is to focus on the types of wood that are used. Rustic will usually include a blend of different kinds of wood. There may even be some colorful accents involved, including red, blue, or green. If you want a modernized rustic entertainment center, then you should include oak wood in with the mix.

The most significant decision for your entertainment center is whether you want shelves on the walls or part of an entire cabinetry set. Some people like having a minimalist design where separate shelves are attached to the walls. But for the rustic style design, it might be better to have a cabinetry set with television and electronics in it.

That way, you can see the wood materials compiled closer together in one area of your room rather than spread out all over the place. These are just some things to think about when planning your home entertainment center with a modern rustic style design. The ultimate decision will be up to you.

The artisans of Custom Artisan Cabinetry are here to flesh out your ideas and make them a reality. We look forward to hearing from you.

Room Layout Ideas for a Custom Entertainment Center in Fort Lauderdale

Most people do not focus on the layouts of their rooms. They’ll just arrange their desks, furniture and electronics in any random place that looks good. But if you don’t have a symmetrical room layout, then you’ll never make efficient use of your available space. It is incredible how a little bit of rearranging and reorganization can make a room feel much larger.

Are you looking to boost the efficiency of your living room or any other room in your home? If so, then we’ve got at least three layout ideas that you might want to consider for your rooms.

1) Custom Entertainment Center: How would you like to have a custom entertainment center in Fort Lauderdale? A custom entertainment center is a great way to add all your favorite electronics into one room without overcrowding it. A well-designed entertainment center could include your flatscreen television, video game consoles, and DVDs without taking up much space at all. You must have a team of professional artisans who can create the right layout for your entertainment center.

2) Keep Distance Between Drawers and Furniture: Drawers and furniture take up so much space in a room. You can declutter any room by keeping your drawers and furniture as far apart from each other as possible. In fact, you could try using only one good piece of furniture and one good drawer in each room. That would free up so much extra space.

3) Maintain a Balanced Room: Do not stuff too many objects or furniture pieces toward one area of the room. This also applies to your entertainment center. Don’t have an entertainment center that consumes one space in your room. Our artisans can create an entertainment center that is spread throughout the room. Perhaps you could have a television on one wall and speakers on the other walls. The more you spread out the objects in your room, the better the balance will be in it.

Are you ready to get started? 

Contact the skilled artisans of Custom Artisan Cabinetry. We’ll build your entertainment center in a conservative-friendly way so that you can enjoy more space in your living room or bedroom.

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High-End Entertainment Centers in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is an exciting city in Florida. It is where all the action happens, such as Spring break events and bodybuilding contests. In this entertainment capital of Florida, it makes sense to want the best entertainment center for your home.

The ideal entertainment center is a work of art. It is made from the finest solid wood materials and contains a decorative and colorful finish. Furthermore, it has space which allows you to fit a widescreen television, DVD players, video game consoles and whatever other electronics and entertainment devices you use.

Your family will spend a lot of time utilizing the electronics of your entertainment center. That is why you should have a custom entertainment center built. It should be something that speaks to them and provides beauty to the entire room. You could go with a minimalistic design with open shelves protruding out of the walls, or you can have an entire cabinet with multiple shelves and spaces.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry is experienced at creating high-end entertainment centers in Fort Lauderdale. We can create everything from elaborate to simplistic designs for your entertainment center. It will be a totally unique entertainment center that is custom designed for your particular specifications and desires.

When you contact Custom Artisan Cabinetry, we will go over those specifications and come up with viable solutions that can work best for your particular living space. It is important for an entertainment center to be a reflection of the interests of the family living there. The design will put great emphasis on those interests and make your entertainment options come to life in the room.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry uses American and European-made products only. None of our products come from China. Top-quality hardware and materials are always used to design every entertainment center that we create for our clients


Custom entertainment Centers

Custom Entertainment Centers

Are you looking to have a customized entertainment center that was built by a true artisan craftsman? If so, then you’ll be interested in what Custom Artisan Cabinetry can do for you.

We have an elite team of skilled artisans who specialize in hand-making custom entertainment centers and custom artisan cabinetry in West Palm Beach, Florida. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or homeowner because we serve anyone who is in need of premium-quality cabinetry.

Entertainment centers are where you store your electronic items mostly. They can be used for placing televisions, DVD collections, video game collections, video game consoles, DVD players, and so on. However, some people don’t want a pre-designed entertainment center from their local superstore. They would rather have an entertainment center which is custom designed for their own style and purposes.

When it comes to a custom entertainment center, they are most suitable for residential homes. Our customers frequently request for our artisan to design a custom entertainment center to accommodate their living room or bedroom. That is where they do most of their entertainment consumption, whether it’s watching television or playing video games.

Before we begin the creation process, we will examine the existing features of your room and discuss how you want your entertainment center to look in it. Based on the feedback that you provide us, we will create a design plan for your entertainment center that accommodates your goals and wishes for it.

The great thing about choosing a custom entertainment center is that there’s no limit to the designs and structures that can be made. Our artisans will craft you an entertainment center design that has never been made before. You’ll have the freedom to specify how many shelves you want, the size of the shelves, the location of the compartments and doors, the wood finishes, the wood textures and more. You would never find a pre-designed entertainment center at the store which would accommodate all these strict specifications you have.

Therefore, you should always choose a custom entertainment center because you’ll have the freedom to have it made into what you want. Everything from its appearance to its size and shape will be up to you. Our artisans are here to serve your needs and to make you the entertainment center of your dreams.

Contact us today to find out more information or to get the creation process started.

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A Decorative Custom Entertainment Center in West Palm Beach

The creative artisans of Custom Artisan Cabinetry are experts at designing entertainment centers of many different styles. One of the most popular styles is a transitional design. This would involve building an entertainment center made from dark wood material to match the velvet or silk textiles of your window treatments and upholstery. If you’re going for the 18th century French or English look, then the transitional design is always best.

For those of you who are interested in having a modern design for your entertainment center, then you can ditch the dark wood and go with sleeker materials like glass, metal, or chrome. Glass-based cabinetry is a particularly popular choice for an entertainment center because it leaves a lot of transparency in the design. It allows your video game consoles, television, DVD collection, and other entertainment accessories to appear as if they’re floating.

Not all entertainment centers have to be massive cabinets which take up half the space in your room. People who live in small apartments or homes might appreciate a minimalist style entertainment center instead. The artisans can utilize your wall space by building protruding shelves for your electronic items and a bigger space for your flat screen television to hang on the wall. This is a great design for people with fewer items to store in their entertainment center.

Whichever type of entertainment center you want, Custom Artisan Cabinetry is the best company to hire in West Palm Beach. Their high-end custom services are exclusive for each customer. You can choose how extensive you want your entertainment center to be. The artisans will evaluate your interior space and listen to your ideas. Based on this, they will put together an entertainment center that is ideal for your space while accommodating all your wishes too.

Custom entertainment Centers

The 5 Most Recommended Spring Interior Design Trends

All throughout the winter, people dream about the first day of spring. This is a season when the weather finally gets warmer and the dreadful cold of the winter diminishes. As people wait for the spring to arrive, they are now getting an early start on the spring interior design of their homes. Their motivation behind this is the hope of an early spring and to follow the latest spring interior design trends.

Below is a list of the 5 most recommended spring interior design trends. Some of these trends may require you to have some custom artisan cabinetry done for you. In West Palm Beach, Custom Artisan Cabinetry can help assist with your interior designs. They can build your custom entertainment centers, custom bedroom unit, custom home office cabinetry, and so much more.

1) Eco-Friendly Designs

Get rid of the items that remind you of business and technology. Start decorating your home with more environmentally friendly designs and colors. For this, you can use materials like bamboo, concrete slabs, cork, and wool for your designs. That way, you can put more emphasis on “green” living and sustainable resources.

2) Natural Designs

Spring just makes you want to go out and experience nature. But you can also bring nature to your home too. Put some earthy tones or colors on your walls, such as rattan, clay, or wood. Hang some handmade items on the walls and place a bunch of plants around your home.

3) Custom Entertainment Center

Custom entertainment centers are perfect for spring break parties and events. If you plan to invite people over your house during the spring, what better way to impress them indoors than to have a custom entertainment center? Pack it with your favorite flat screen television, video game consoles, DVDs, and so on.

4) Curved Seats

The latest trend in interior design is round furniture. Instead of the common rectangular sofa, you can get one with curved seating. This gives it a retro feeling and doesn’t require much décor to go around it.

5) Compact Furniture

The minimalist lifestyle is something trending like crazy. People don’t want big fancy furniture anymore. They’d rather have compact furniture to save money and/or to have more space in their house or apartment.