An Entertainment Center Is An Essential In Many 21st Century Homes
A smooth, clean-lined entertainment center.


The trend in entertainment centers for 2019 is towards smooth, clean lines, doing away with some of the “fussy” designs of the past. If you are thinking of a new high-end entertainment center, Fort Lauderdale, this is something to bear in mind.

Typically, a high-end entertainment center, Fort Lauderdale, has three levels. The bottom level is usually around 2’6” high and contains storage drawers and cupboards for things such as DVDs, CDs, cassettes, game cartridges, and so on. The middle section is where the electronics and TV stand, and the top area is usually for display.

Clean Lines Are The Watchwords

At the sides there may be open shelves for display or more cupboards, but clean lines are the watchwords. Most people just do not want the ornate traditional look any more, and many of the entertainment centers now are white, or painted a color. In fact, this is true of around two in every five cases. For those who do like wood, cherry is a good choice because there is a range of color options. Maple is another stalwart, but nobody wants oak any more. This is because oak is grainy, and this goes against the desire for clean lines because it looks too “busy”.

Some customers who are having a custom-built high end entertainment center, Fort Lauderdale, are opting to install an electric fire in it. However, there are today more people who don’t want to see the television when it is not on, and so the set can stand on an elevator lift which raises it into view when needed and then slides down again when viewing is finished. Another way of doing this is to have pocket doors built in which slide over the screen, or even have some artwork mounted over it that can be slid up or down when the television is required for use.

Of course, the trend today is for ever larger television sets, and 65” sets are not at all uncommon, although you can buy 77” and larger. You are also looking at having a much larger entertainment center in which to mount it, and it is not unusual now for the entertainment center to cover a complete wall of the room. Of course, a 65” or 77” is quite deep from top to bottom, so if it is to be on an elevator the base of the center will have to be deeper in order to accommodate it, which means that when the set is raised it will be much higher off the floor. That is something to take into consideration when having a custom-built center made.