High-End Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry
High End Custom Kitchen Cabinetry


High-end custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is a dream for many people, but they don’t think they’ll ever have it for themselves. Either they think it costs too much or they don’t know the right service provider who can make it for them. If you feel like you’re in this position, then your worries are now over.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry has a skilled team of craftspeople who will create your high-end custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry at an affordable price. Since the kitchen and bathroom are the two most popular areas of any home, it is important that you have cabinetry in them which is aesthetically presentable and serves your needs.

The three main elements of our custom cabinetry are the design, lighting, and finishing. Since we customize our cabinetry according to our customer’s specifications, that means you will get to offer feedback throughout the design process. Our artisan team will sit down with you and go over the design that you have in mind for your bathroom and kitchen.

The design will be made to accommodate the existing size, shape and features of your bathroom and kitchen. We’ll take your ideas and implement them in our own creative and innovative way. Once we’re done with the design and put it to work, you’ll end up with an entirely new interior environment that is elegant and pleasing to the naked eye.

Custom Artisan Cabinetry in West Palm Beach gives you a lot of choices for your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. This is unlike a lot of the predesigned cabinetry which includes basic features like a few drawers and shelves. But how many of them include integrated lighting? You probably won’t find too many wood options either.

We can make your custom high-end kitchen and bathroom cabinetry out of any type of wood that you have in mind. The most popular choices are oak, hickory, ash, maple, and cherry. Sometimes we get requests for red oak, white oak, beech, or birch too. The difference between these types of wood pertains to their durability, color, texture, and aroma in some cases. We can suggest the best type of wood-based the current state of your bathroom and kitchen.

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